Premium water hose made of PE-copolymer

ToppAqua™ is a novel product best suitable for places where a truly good water hose is required. ToppAqua™ offers unique advantages to the users.The hose retains its shape very well and even straightens itself, thereby preventing twists. Owing to its excellent constituent materials, ToppAqua™ retains supreme flexibility in cold conditions as well. The extremely light hose floats on water.

Because of its materials, a fine choice for children’s water games, indoor swimming halls, and leisure centres. The hose can be disposed of by incineration. Works best on a hose reel or carriage.


Primary use: Wash rooms, swimming pools and spas
Material: PE-copolymer and polyester Structure: 3-layer reinforced hose
Colour: Outer hose ice blue, inner hose white
Operating pressure: 10 bar (at 20 °C according to the SFS 5408 standard)
Operating temperature range: -45 … +52 °C
Inner/Outer Ø (mm): 12.5/17,5, 16/21
Lengths depending on size (m): 20, 25, 50