Genuine and orginal green garden hose for every home

Owing to its excellent quality, ToppGreen™ has been the most popular garden hose in Finland for decades. The hose walls are 20-40% thicker as compared to any other translucent green hose available on the market. Because of this, ToppGreen™ always does its job. Connectors do not fall off the hose; it does not twist and retains its shape while in use.

When manufacturing ToppGreen™, the environment is also considered, since 60 % of the hose raw materials are recycled.


Primary use: Irrigation hose for agriculture and gardens; also suitable for construction sites
Material: PVC and polyester
Structure: 3-layer reinforced hose
Colour: Outer hose translucent green, inner hose black
Operating pressure: 6 bar (at 20 °C according to the SFS 5408 standard)
Operating temperature range: -20 … +60 °C
Inner Ø (mm): 12, 16, 19, 25
Lengths depending on size (m): 20, 25, 50