Non-reinforced polyurethane hose with superior flexibility and durability 

The flexible, durable and non-reinforced ToppFlex™ hoses are suitable for fuels and many oil based fluids. ToppFlex™ hoses are made of transparent ester based polyurethane. Therefore, they are not recommended for water.

We can manufacture ToppFlex™ in many colours upon request.


Material: PUR (ester based polyurethane)
Structure: 1-layer non-reinforced hose
Colour: Transparent. Other colours available upon request.
Operating temperature range: -30 … +80 °C, short peaks +100 °C
Inner/Outer Ø (mm): 3/5, 5/8, 5,5/8,0, 6/9, 8/11, 9/12, 12/15
Lengths depending on size (m): 50, 100

Notes: Hardness 85 Shore A°. Withstands fuels. If the fuel contains e.g. alcohol, the suitability of the hose must be tested. Ester based polyurethane hoses are not suitable to for water since it can effect the durability of the hose. Select ToppBright™ for water.