Phthalate-free premium-grade universal hose

The transparent, reinforced ToppClear™ is a hose suitable for many different purposes. Resistance to twists, convenience, transparency, and good pressure resistance have made ToppClear™ a popular multi-purpose hose for industrial applications.

As a superbly universal hose, ToppClear™ is just as suitable for domestic needs – wash rooms, saunas, garages, boats, etc.


Primary use: Multi-purpose hose for industrial and domestic applications
Material: PVC and polyester, phthalate-free
Structure: 3-layer reinforced hose
Colour: Outer and inner hose transparent
Operating pressure: 10 bar (4-32 mm) and 6 bar (38 and 50 mm) (at 20 °C according to the SFS 5408 standard)
Operating temperature range: -20 … +60 °C
Inner/Outer Ø (mm): 4/10, 6/12, 8/14, 10/16, 12/18, 16/22, 19/25, 25/32, 32/40, 38/47, 50/60
Lengths depending on size (m): 25, 50