Phthalate-free premium-grade water hose

A supreme hose for quality-conscious consumers and professionals. ToppYellow™ is suitable for many different applications; owing to good pressure resistance, it can also be used in pneumatic installations.

The phthalate-free ToppYellow™ is manufactured from the best raw materials and is thus a very safe and durable option. The hose excellently withstands even hard external wear, such as abrasion, tensile load, and driving-over. Dirt does not stick to the smooth hose surface and the hose is easy to pull over all kinds of ground surfaces.


Primary use: Irrigation hose for cultivated land and gardens
Material: PVC and polyester, phthalate-free
Structure: 3-layer reinforced hose
Colour: Outer hose yellow
Operating pressure: 10 bar (at 20 °C according to the SFS 5408 standard)
Operating temperature range: -20 … +60 °C
Inner/Outer Ø (mm): 12/17, 16/21, 19/25, 25/32
Lengths depending on size (m): 20, 25, 50