High-quality pneumatic hose for a demanding user

ToppAir™ is an excellently durable and flexible reinforced pneumatic hose. The ToppAir™
hose can often be spotted connected to various pneumatic tools at industrial or
construction environments.
Owing to its nitrile rubber content, ToppAir™ retains the flexibility and is pleasant to use in
cold conditions as well. ToppAir™ hoses can be ordered in special lengths and with quick
connectors to meet all industrial needs.


Materiaali: PVC/NBR-seos ja polyesteri
Rakenne: 3-kerrosletku: sisusletku
PVC/NBR, polyesterikudos,
pinnoite PVC/NBR
Väri: Pinta harmaa, sisus musta
Standardit: SFS 5408