We manufacture the brake tubes strictly according to the DIN 74324 quality standard which requires a black colour.

Vehicle tubes are manufactured according to the DIN 73378 quality standard, which offers many colour alternatives.


  • Flexible brake tube for automotive
  • For demanding installations
  • Automotive


Material: PA12HIPHL-DIN
Hardness: 63 Shore D ISO 868
Installation Temperature: -20 °C…+93 °C
Working Temperature: -40 °C…+93 °C
Operating Pressure: 4,0 bar…135 bar (depending on tube dimensions and temperature).
Tolerances: According to DIN 74324.
Colours: Black in DIN 74324. Red, blue, yellow in DIN 73378.
Dimensions: Outer diameter 4,0 mm…18 mm x inner diameter 2,0 mm…14,0 mm
Chemical Resistance: Excellent chemical resistance against oils, hydraulic fluids and fuels. Not suitable for chloride compounds.