ToppBand™ PA durable binding for a tidy cable installation

T oppBand™ PA and ToppBand™ PE are a durable binding spirals for bringing various cables together neatly. The binding can be easily installed and opened. ToppBand™  secures cables tightly every time.

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ToppPart™ Pre-Bent Tubes

Faster and easier installations with ToppPart™ tubes!

The pre-bent ToppPart™ tubes are designed for instant installations in pneumatic and liquid applications. Hence, the installation of ToppPart™ tubes is very fast and easy. And less time in installations means savings.

ToppPart™ tubes are an alternative in applications in which it is not possible to use metal tubing. ToppPart™ tubes are tailored according to customer’s specific needs. We can manufacture both 2D and 3D shapes using our unique state of the art CNC bending technology.

A, B and C refers to the length between bends, these can be between 120 mm – 2000 mm. We will be happy to consider the dimensions on request.

What material we can bend?

W e currently have the capability to bend PA11, PA12 and PEX tubes with an outer diameter between 6 mm and 75 mm, into an almost limitless variations of bends to fit any application.

For more information please contack our specialists

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ToppMulti™ Multi-cables

One Product – multiple solutions

A ToppMulti™ cable is a selection of e.g. pneumatic tubes, fluid tubes, electrical cables and optical fibres combined into one cable.

We manufacture the ToppMulti™ cables according to our customers specific needs.

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