Re-enforced hoses

Commonly used for pressurized gas and liquid transfer. Toppi has its own branded assortment of garden hoses which are free from Phthalates and designed for durability in the harsh garden environment.

We can also install high quality fittings with ferrule to our hoses to meet our customer’s specific installation needs. Our standard assortment of pressure hoses with universal fittings are ideal for air pressure tools and compressor installations, from both PVC and Polyurethane hoses.

Non-braided hoses

Used for a wide variety of applications including condensation drainage, low pressure pump installations, and ventilation to name a few. Most common non-braided hose is ToppBright which has standard sizes from 2mm to 63mm. ToppFlex polyurethane hose is has excellent transparency with high chemicals resistance and can be used for anything from fuel lines in the automotive industry or special medical tubing installations.

Insulation Hoses

ToppCover is an assortment of thin walled hoses commonly used as a protective cover for cables in automotive wiring harnesses. ToppCover hoses can be colored, and the 105 grade can withstand operating temperatures of up to 105 degrees Celsius. The co extruded yellow/green insulation hose is ideal for installations where earth wire identification is required.

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